‘The View’ hosts worry over president’s bad poll numbers: ‘Not been a good day for Joe Biden’

“The View” co-hosts appeared worried on Thursday over the latest poll showing the president’s negative approval rating and said it has “not been a good day for Joe Biden.”

Co-host Joy Behar began the segment by noting a new CNN poll that found Biden had an overall approval rating of 39%. 

She said, “That is not good.”

“They are very concerned, voters about his age, his stamina and apparently the investigation around his son’s business dealings. The other side has plenty, believe me. We know that already. But the thing that drives me crazy is that 58% say his policies have made economic conditions worse,” she said.


“I understand that there are people who specifically feel that they are under the bell jar with the finances. But statistically, the economy has gotten better. There are more jobs than we’ve ever had. Inflation is down. I don’t know about gas prices, although I’m not sure he’s involved with that,” Behar said. 

“So, but they’re mad. The job numbers are very, very good. I mean, last month we had 187,000 jobs. A lot of jobs. And last week he delivered a huge plan to reduce prescription drug costs,” she added.

Co-host Sunny Hostin said that there were issues with high mortgage rates and Behar questioned whether that was Biden’s fault.

“Well I think because of the way the economy has been handled and inflation. I know Alyssa talks about inflation, inflation, inflation, and I fight with her but she’s right about it. The inflation rate is not where it needs to be.” 

Hostin also observed: “The great American dream is homeownership. I think that’s been a way to level the playing field and close the wealth gap especially between the African American community and White community. And now if you want to get a loan you’ve got to have to near perfect credit and it’s a 7% interest rate. That’s really high when people are struggling to eat, put food on their tables, and I don’t know what the Democrats do about messaging, but I’ve noticed that and so have a lot of my friends.” 


Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin said that many people in her generation have accepted they won’t own a home until they’re in their 40s.

Griffin also wondered why Democrats weren’t listening to their constituency.

“67% of Democrats said they wanted a different candidate than Biden. I’m a little bit stunned that the Democratic Party is not really waking up and listening to their constituency, whether it’s Vice President Harris, whether it’s Gretchen Whitmer or Gavin Newsom, this is an election where I just think that there’s a lot at stake,” she said.

The hosts were also in disbelief over a WSJ poll on Tuesday, which showed Biden and Trump were tied in a hypothetical rematch. 

“I think it’s like 95% chance barring some major outside factor he [Donald Trump] will be the GOP nominee and we have to ask ourselves, is that what our country wants? A potentially convicted felon. The flip side, which I pose to you guys, why the hell is he head-to-head, neck and neck with Joe Biden?” Griffin asked at the time. 

Several mainstream pundits have also questioned why the president was so close to Donald Trump as well.

ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos seemed stunned on Sunday by a 2024 election poll showing Trump and Biden tied at 46% in a hypothetical rematch, calling the findings “kind of shocking.” 

Fox News’ Brian Flood contributed to this report.

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