FIRST ON FOX: Former President Donald Trump has made a major endorsement in what is expected to be one of this year’s most closely watched Senate races.

Trump announced Sunday in a post on Truth Social that he would be backing former U.S. Army Captain Sam Brown to take on incumbent Democrat Sen. Jacky Rosen in November.

“Sam Brown is a FEARLESS AMERICAN PATRIOT, a Purple Heart Recipient, who has proven he has the ‘PURE GRIT’ and COURAGE to take on our Enemies, both Foreign and Domestic. Sam is now running for U.S. Senate in the Great State of Nevada, primarily because he knows that Crooked Joe Biden and the Radical Left are A THREAT TO DEMOCRACY,” Trump wrote.

“Our Country can no longer stand with this Corrupt and Incompetent “President” calling the shots. As your next Senator, Sam will fight tirelessly to secure our Border, end Migrant Crime, stop Inflation, grow our Economy, STRONGLY SUPPORT OUR GREAT MILITARY/VETS, protect our always under siege Second Amendment, and restore PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH…” he added.

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