Former President Trump delivered his own closing argument in the non-jury civil trial stemming from New York Attorney General Letitia James’ lawsuit Thursday, saying he “did nothing wrong,” that his financial statements were “perfect” and blasting the case as “election interference.”

Closing arguments in the trial began Thursday morning. The former president and 2024 GOP frontrunner was expected to deliver his own closing statement, but New York Judge Arthur Engoron rescinded the court’s offer for him to do so on Wednesday. 

During Trump attorney Chris Kise’s closing statement, he requested permission for Trump to speak – a request Engoron denied, but, regardless of the judge’s decision, Trump began to deliver his own remarks. 

Trump said his financial statements were “perfect,” and stressed that the bank loans were repaid and are “as happy as can be.”

Trump acknowledged that there was an “error” made regarding one “triplex,” but said that mistake was “immediately corrected” and was an “honest mistake.” 

“When you say don’t go outside of these things, I’m an innocent man, persecuted,” Trump said to Engoron, while blasting the case as “election interference,” and saying if he is “not allowed to talk about it, it’s a disservice.” 

Engoron told Trump to wrap up his remarks within one minute, but Trump fired back, saying: “You can’t listen for more than one minute?” 

“Mr. Kise, please control your client,” Engoron said to Trump’s attorney.

Engoron then asked Trump: “Haven’t you been sued before?” 

Trump replied: “Yes.” 

But the former president went on, saying: “I did nothing wrong, they should pay me for what I’ve been put through.”

Trump defended his business empire and said he was sued to get publicity. 

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