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A Florida woman recorded a video that showed an alligator charging at a couple riding in a golf cart in Ave Maria this month. The startling video shows the golf cart nearly capsizing into a pond. Click here to get the story. 

Police issued evacuations after an unusual thrift store donation left locals concerned. Click here to get the story.

Fasting during Lent is not for showing one’s superiority but to honor God and grow closer to Him, according to a Christian author. Click here to get the story. 

Rev. Franklin Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association urged prayers for the border, for Mexico and for all the people who live in the area during a visit to Eagle Pass, Texas. Read Fox News Digital’s piece about Rev. Graham from this week. Click here to get the story. 

A woman wound up celebrating her special birthday dinner out at a restaurant without her husband — because he couldn’t get it together to be there in time. A psychologist weighed in with insights for all parties involved. Click here to get the story.  

Lt. Ralph Perkner, who served in World War II and the Korean War, celebrated his 103rd birthday in a Pennsylvania restaurant filled with family and friends. The centenarian credits his daughters for his longevity. Click here to get the story.

Which fruit is best for your health, apples or oranges? Nutrition experts weighed in with interesting insights for all readers interested in healthy living. Click here to get the story.

New York City’s globally renowned corned beef sandwiches were carved from Old World immigrant food preservation techniques in the hardscrabble Lower East Side of the 19th century. Click here to get the story. 

Lara Trump, wife of Eric Trump and daughter-in-law of Donald J. Trump, has a new children’s book just out. She shared its key themes, its genesis and her bedrock beliefs in America with Fox News Digital. Click here to get the story. 

Over the course of 80 years, the housing market has spiked and plummeted, with real estate in the U.S. hitting major milestones and leaving a mark on history. Here’s how much an American home cost in the decade you were born. Click here to get the story. 


Ice cream, that perennial dessert favorite, comes in thousands of flavors, including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, butter pecan, mint chocolate chip, and cookies & cream. But how much do you really know about the popular sweet treat? Click here to play the quiz. 

A new book, plus exclusive excerpts from it, have put a new spotlight on the fascinating post-presidential lives of America’s commanders-in-chief.  

Jared Cohen, bestselling author of the new book “Life After Power: Seven Presidents and Their Search for Purpose Beyond the White House,” reveals why George W. Bush has re-earned the public’s respect in an exclusive excerpt for Fox News Digital. Click here to get the story.

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