Wild innovations coming in 2023 despite downturn in economy

Cue up the Jetson’s theme song. The future is right around the corner. 

Some wild new innovations like flying cars, kinder tech, and even more robots are being unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Last year’s hyped focus on VR, AR and the Metaverse feels like it’s falling flat this year for more gear worth living within the real world. 

Electric Vehicles will see enormous growth in 2023 

Dodge is unveiling the Ram 1500 Revolution, a battery-electric vehicle concept. From the predictable expansion of major car brands into the EV territory, we will see innovative EV technologies coming to our old bike to the extreme version of a flying machine looking for FAA and NTSB certification. 


The ASKA A5 4-seater drive and fly vehicle may not hit the road or sky this year, yet its fully working electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing concept is closer than imagined to reality. 

Bigger, thinner and better best describes the next generation of televisions coming this year. For 2023, we will see TVs with better wireless capabilities, easier-to-use interfaces inside and a new maker with a unique wireless big screen. The moment any of these are announced to hit retail stores is the perfect time for the best price on last year’s smart TV.

Startup TV company Displace is planning a lightweight 55-inch battery-operated wireless TV that sticks to a surface with no mounting hardware required. Displace describes this 20-pound TV will use a proprietary vacuum suction technology and can be combined to make a giant multi-panel TV display. Reservations are being taken for sets when they become available in late 2023. 

Healthier home technology 

We are seeing smarter ways home technology can influence your health and well-being. Look for more passive health data tracking inside your bathroom, where you’ll never need to set foot on a scale again. The better health-related technologies accurately work together and yield more meaningful information you and your doctor can use to stay healthy.


I’ve got my eye on how all these health companies are keeping and recording our data. Many of these health tracking devices can come with the danger of your sensitive and personal health information falling into the wrong hands. 

Kinder standard for all our smart devices 

Imagine if your Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple’s Siri could have a conversation with each other. A protocol called Matter, meant to allow this sort of love fest between smart devices, is becoming a reality. The Connectivity Standards Alliance, behind the attempt to standardize interoperability so that everything works together seamlessly, says it is also aiming to enhance security of smart devices by validating credentials with blockchain technology. 

Ultimately, transitioning home devices that require the less secure cloud toward locally controlled connected devices can actually help protect your personal data more effectively. 


Meta what? 

It hasn’t entirely disappeared. I’m still seeing startups with Meta-focused inventions. One of them has you close out the rest of the world with a fragrance-emitting sense accessory attached to a VR headset.

The combination of the two emulates the great outdoors by making it smell like you are outside in nature.

I’ve got an idea. Put down the VR headset, walk into nature and take in a deep breath of the real outside yourself. No headset or smell tech is required.

Sometimes I wish I had a woodchipper for some of the tech that takes us backwards. Do you think VR meta-related technology has gone too far? Or not far enough?

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