Justin Jefferson’s personal life has gone public as the Minnesota Vikings star receiver is being accused of fathering a child while also encouraging the woman to abort her pregnancy, per the Daily Mail.

A lawsuit issued in Essex County, New Jersey, family court on Jan. 19 by Andrea Galea, who claims she was romantically involved with Jefferson during their days at LSU before rekindling their relationship in April 2023, says she had no choice but to file the suit after the All-Pro failed to support her child.

Galea, a licensed attorney, is seeking a paternity test from Jefferson as well as financial support and health coverage. 


Stella Anastasia was born on Dec. 21, 2023, but Galea says Jefferson, 24, has not financially supported her and refused to acknowledge himself as her father.

Galea also says Jefferson “pressured” her to get an abortion. After Galea refused, Jefferson “began acting towards her with great insensitivity and extreme cruelty.”

“The Defendant blocked the Plaintiff from communicating with him, and coldly told her to ‘[T]alk to me when the legal stuff come up,” Galea’s lawsuit states, per the Daily Mail.


Jefferson filed a countersuit on Jan. 26, demanding an injunction against Galea to prevent her from sharing information about the child. Jefferson also asked for a paternity test. 

In the countersuit, Jefferson claims Galea used the child’s birth as well as allegations against him to promote herself online. 

“Defendant [Galea] has a substantial presence and following on various social media platforms and apparently has strategically positioned herself over the last several years to become an ‘online influencer,’” Jefferson’s countersuit reads. 

“So are you okay with getting this [situated,” Jefferson wrote in a text message to Galea, per a screenshot the Daily Mail posted. 

“U wanted the kid you can take care of it,” he wrote in another message. “I tried to tell u this was how it was going to go u didn’t believe me.”

Jefferson added that Galea continued “annoying” him about the child, resulting in him changing his phone number. There was also another text message that had Jefferson suggesting Galea take a Plan B. 

“The more u wait the hard the situation will be that’s why I wanted to get you the planB [because] I didn’t want to be in this situation but it’s totally my fault I shouldn’t have done it in the first place,” Jefferson texted Galea.

“Justin I took the plan b though it was just too late for it to be effective. Sometimes depending on the cycle unless you take it within like 2 hours it can be too late,” she responded. “… and two people are always at fault in this. Personally I’ve never faced a situation like this…’”

Jefferson is set to play the final year of his rookie contract after the Vikings picked up his fifth-year option that’s worth $19.743 for the 2024 season. 

As one of the top receivers in the NFL today, Jefferson is expected to receive a massive payday in the form of a new contract either this season with the Vikings or sometime in free agency in 2025.