WWII-era sleep strategy could knock you out in minutes — plus, Larry Kudlow opens up about money and success

OUT LIKE A LIGHT – A World War II sleep method could help insomniacs, some people claim — and sleep experts agree, with some conditions. Continue reading…

FIGHT OR FLIGHT – Air travel is more stressful for many Americans than filing taxes or going to the dentist, a new survey says. Continue reading…

KUDLOW SPEAKS – In a fun Q&A with Dana Perino, Larry Kudlow reveals how he made his first dollar, how he defines success — and his top tips to avoid getting fired. Continue reading…

BAAAD GOATS – A police officer and a K-9 corral a herd of goats that escaped their pen. See the video…

SIP AND CHEW  A coffee shop has introduced edible cups in an effort to cut down on waste. Continue reading…

NEVER FORGET – Tunnel to Towers Foundation Chairman Frank Siller started the 5K NYC event in memory of his brother, first responder Stephen Siller — who ran the same route on 9/11. See moments from the 22nd annual race. Continue reading…

BILL THRILL — A $10,000 bill from the year 1934 has sold for a jaw-dropping amount at a Texas auction. Continue reading…

ADD TO CART — Here are five secrets to shopping smarter and finding the best deals to buy on Amazon. Continue reading…

CALLING ALL CROSSWORD PUZZLE LOVERS! – Play our Fox News daily crossword puzzle for free here! And not just one — check out the multiple offerings. See the puzzles…






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